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Timocracy, Aristocracy, Plutocracy

13 Nov

“Limiting access to the levers of government. Once we dispense with the illusion of majority rule, what are our options? “

One Irradiated Watson


Image-Jacques-Louis_David_coronationLimiting access to the levers of government.  Once we dispense with the illusion of majority rule, what are our options?  

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Oligarchy: Aristocracy, Plutocracy, and Timocracy

13 Nov

“All these types of oligarchic rule do not have to be absolute in their dominance. Even in America we have, or have had, these types of governance; If not governance, then at least influencing public opinion and agenda.”


Law is a very constricting subject.  Rules, as well as punishment, is the guiding light that directs society.  Over time there have been many types of governments that have produced many types of laws.  Certain types of government have put a certain group in charge of the political sphere.  These oligarchic societies are a theme for despotism, and can lead to a system where the individual may not be able to express his full potential for freedom.

An Aristocracy is a political system where a small group of folks are in charge of the state.  This small group would be a special, privileged, ruling class; Sometimes wealth and estate play the deciding factor in who would be associated with this ruling class.  Also intellectual capacity, or the “best”, are also factors in deciding who is able to be a part of this ruling class.  This ruling class is then in…

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