The psychotic Dog men

16 Aug

These men are so obsessed with their hot dog that it takes over their life and they are actually slaves to it. It can get very sad sometimes specially if they’re taught or believe that women are only there to please them and all they see is Property and not human being.   At times a psychotic Dog man’s mind will move into auto mode and they cant see feelings or emotions all they see it they’re self-gratification. They can’t or don’t want to believe that other people matter. Hopefully someone shows them that real comfort and happiness comes with sharing carefully but not foolishly.

Cruel Cold men

Many times they became cruel and cold because they feel its the best way to deal with reality (sometimes it is) but as long as they don’t hurt others along the way we’re okay. Unfortunately they usually end up hurting many people around them. These cruel men have to be shown that their actions lead to self-destruction. 
  • There is a field full of lillies, trees, and beauty. There is room for us to diffuse the darkness/abuse that was inflicted on us both. It’s the only refuge. But he chooses to pretend it doesn’t exist, even though he keeps coming over to make sure I NEVER forget that it’s there. He pierces my heart with the view, then acts as if the place doesn’t exist. I hate feeling like I “am all the days he chooses to ignore.” -“All I Need.” He broke my heart once. “Cant happen twice” I thought.. I mean think.
Question Asker


Over a year ago


I saw it when he was with me. If only he didn’t care about me, he wishes. Then life would be empty and simple the way he was living it. But he is too intense for it. He brings me the only tenderness I have ever known. But he is living a lie. He is choosing security and the lie over being true to what is most true. But can I blame him for being responsible? He now has another kid to take care of from another marriage. I don’t want to sleep with anybody but him. 

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