6. Get into the Habit of Enjoying Your Erections and Have More of Them

16 Aug

We mention spontaneous erections in our reviews all the time, and for good reason. Erections are the most important exercise for maintaining penis health and preventing erectile dysfunction. What happens when you tell yourself “oh great, not now, go soft, go soft!” for years or even decades? You condition your brain into thinking that erections are bad.  If every time you have one you get embarrassed and think negative thoughts the next time you WANT an erection you won’t be able to get one as easily. So get into the habit of enjoying your erections and try not to cut them short. In your office, on the way to work, and even while at a restaurant are great places to have erections and ride them out. Learn how to hide them and enjoy them to their fullest extent. Remember, erections are vital to the health of your penis. The blood that fills the penis brings with it vital nutrients that keep its cells healthy.

Also, simply having an erection increases your circulating testosterone significantly. So by all means, when you feel an erection coming on, don’t try to prevent it, encourage it, and enjoy it as long as you can.

I’m not asking you to lay out in the sun and get skin cancer but medical experts agree that people who don’t get enough sunlight are more depressed, unsocial, and have more sleeping problems than those who do get their daily dose of sunlight. [^^]

8. Don’t Masturbate Excessively

Masturbation is normal and healthy but when over practiced and addicted to it can lead to temporary chemical changes in the body. Every time you masturbate and orgasm your body uses and is affected by multiple chemicals and hormones. Don’t get me wrong, masturbation has numerous health benefits but an extreme amount of anything is bad. Over stimulation can temporarily deplete and lessen the effects of your body’s hormones, pleasure receptors, and after time you may have trouble achieving a full erection because you don’t have the hormones or the drive for it. Depending on how rough you masturbate your penis may also be sore and need a serious break.

Despite what friends say jokingly it is NOT normal to masturbate constantly all day. There may be men out there that produce the hormones necessary to masturbate 3-4 times a day for months on end but they are few, and their sperm count is low.

Sexual exhaustion is nothing serious nor permanent and just requires a few days of abstinence until your body produces the depleted hormones required for a normal sex drive and erections. Sometimes men have the mental drive for sex but due to their lifestyles, stress, cholesterol levels, and blood circulation cannot achieve an erection. Other times, healthy men who are capable of having strong erections cannot because they don’t have the hormones or sex drive necessary for full arousal.

Be warned, many of the websites that show up on Google while searching for “over masturbation” and “sexual exhaustion” are from an article originating to “HerbalLove.com” a site that convinces men they need to buy their herbal medicines to cure sexual exhaustion by overwhelming the reader with medical terms and claiming to have been written by a doctor. Right……………………..






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