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3 Jul

I should also note that Enver Hoxha, the authority over Marxist-Leninism after the rise of Khrushchev, characterized Castro and Guevara as Revisionists. He would also characterize the Soviet Union revisionist in 1956, and China in 1979.

These people call themselves Marxist-Leninist, but they are far from it.

The only respectable Marxist-Leninists countries, after Khrushchev condemned Stalin and other Marxist-Leninists in the CPSU in 1956, were Albania(until ’85) and China(until ’79).

havee3333333 2 weeks ago

Por eso toca saber seleccionar con atención los ingredientes, conocer las técnicas (¡y aplicarlas!), investigar previamente un tanto sobre los gustos de quienes agasajamos o si intuimos el convite, dejar algunas migajas de lo que nos apetece. Y si durante el festín algo no es como esperábamos, el humor y una buena disposición confortan una situación cuyo propósito además del postre es la de entreverar por medio del deleite nuestra humanidad, en su sentido más expansivo.

Un poco de Food for thought

respectable? Im from Albania and Enver Hoxha is the fuckin reason Albania is in shit today. that asshole kept the country at a standstill for decades while the world surpassed us. this is how all of you socialists are, you talk good about revolutionaries and communists when you never lived under them. if you lived under Enver Hoxha you would not be calling him a respectable man, he was a fucking bastard just like the rest of the communists that ever existed

2WorldWar2 in reply to havee3333333 1 week ago

Life expectancy went from 38,under King Zog,to 71.4 in 1985.

Development in Albania was at a standstill after your country broke with the Soviet Union and later China.You also had terrible relations with Yugoslavia,the Eastern Bloc,Italy,and technically at war with Greece.

My father, who was a member of the TKP-ML visited Albania in the 1970s as an emissary for the Turkish party,and he always told me about how beautiful Tirana was.

I suggest reading A Coming of Age: Albania Under Enver Hoxha.

havee3333333 in reply to 2WorldWar2 1 week ago

every country’s capital is beautiful even North Korea’s. why is it that 95% of all Albanians hate that bastard the only ones that like him are the communist idiots that still linger in Albania like a bad odor

2WorldWar2 in reply to havee3333333 1 week ago

Well, North Korea hasn’t been Socialist since 1977, and even before that time Enver Hoxha was critical of Kim Il-Sung’s idealism and nationalism.

Also, unlike Kim, Hoxha followed Dialectical Materialism.

You are also wrong about your statistics. Most Albanians miss the former Socialist state, and there was even a rebellion, in 1997, to bring it back.

I also request that you stop using the term ‘Communist’ in this discussion, as we’re talking about Socialist regimes.

What does that prove, you have totally defeated yourself. A) You spend money which is created by the federal reserve(which is not a government entity but a corperation masquerading as one) and debt based; that money you love to spend has been backed up not in gold but by the labour of future generations of americans. You have been covertly enslaved! B) Your millitary spending is greater than the next 10 countries combined(and your proud of that) War is an industry. Your economy relies on it…..

  • We spend more money than any other country in the world… We have the best military in the world whether you choose to believe it or not. Those are the facts.

    AZsportshut in reply to R0B0stairs 3 weeks ago

  • B) Continued, your nation is has been at peace for about 4 years in its nearly 300 yr long history and it relies on fabricating wars so the millitary industrial complex which eisenhower warned of can continue to ravage the earth, and thats the fuckin truth my friend. Watch “The war you dont see” by john pildger if you think your troops are so honerable.

    R0B0stairs in reply to AZsportshut 3 weeks ago

  • What does that prove, you have totally defeated yourself. A) You spend money which is created by the federal reserve(which is not a government entity but a corperation masquerading as one) and debt based; that money you love to spend has been backed up not in gold but by the labour of future generations of americans. You have been covertly enslaved! B) Your millitary spending is greater than the next 10 countries combined(and your proud of that) War is an industry. Your economy relies on it…..

    R0B0stairs in reply to AZsportshut 3 weeks ago

  • You damn right I’m proud of it. lol. I’m glad my country is spending the necessary amount of money to protect it civilians from radical assholes that want nothing but to cause harm to our great nation. If anything I think we should be pumping more money into our military. America is the beacon of hope and freedom to many nations that don’t have it. Sure we are a war based economy… but guess what??? We are the biggest producers of liberty and prosperity since 1775. Happy 4 of July! Jerkoff.

    AZsportshut in reply to R0B0stairs 2 weeks ago

  • Living outside reality, propaganda worked so well on you.

    cheguevara665 in reply to AZsportshut 2 weeks ago

  • America is the beacon of 9 million innocent Vietnamese women and childeren’s deaths, of hundreds of thousands middle easterners and we have cartoonish pride riden pricks like you to thank for it, because 3 thousand american’s doesnt add up to what you people have don, in fact suck a dick while you ponder your true lifes meaning you fucking neanderthol

    fatty101mattdamon in reply to AZsportshut 2 weeks ago

    agree with you, its unfortunate that i live even close to the US, since my country has done nothing but murder and steal the same stuff the US does, the same people, the same oil, and the only difference is that i live in Canada, so here is what I say, lets stop talking about how much we know about North America, how corrupt and evil it is and lets do something about, education is the key, and the only way to educate the public is to start a change, a new begining and deliver true satisfaction

    fatty101mattdamon in reply to Harry plant 2 weeks ago

    Interesting note about Cuban Missile Crisis. US had missiles in Turkey to which Soviets obviously weren’t thrilled about. So the decided this was a good opportunity to level the playing the field. Part of the deal with JFK and Khruschev was the removal of those missiles from Turkey.

    sabeeh89 1 month ago

    CIA=criminals in action.

    TheBohemiaStudios 1 month ago 3 

    • The opposite of a communist would be a libertarian. If you like freedom then libertarianism is for you. If you like oppression and state control of your life then you are a communist.

      So here is the question to ask yourself. Do you like to have government bureaucrats tell you how you MUST live your life?

      Proclivitytolife in reply to DamianLeon123 1 month ago

    • Not true, Leninism is what you described, Communism written by Carl Marx actually wants no state and Anarchists who are incredibly left wing also are incredibly libertarian, If you are an extreme liberal you don’t want government! IF you

      UUOSA97 in reply to Proclivitytolife 3 weeks ago

communism is the extreme form of institutionalized solidarity. To force people who got lucky in life to share their wealth with those people less fortunate. If you are born to a daddy with a wide business network, or if you are born from a widow mother makes a difference how you as a child will prosper. Not everyone acts like a Bill Gates and shares his wealth to combat malaria. Some libertarians prefer sit on their hill and shit on people below. Those nature should bless with infertility.

Ola Palooza in reply to Proclivitytolife 1 month ago

classless, stateless society. no private ownership. everything is public. in other words, you don’t own or control shit, everyone else does, and you aren’t entitled to any monetary benefits for your labor. don’t be a communist.

SamirTheG69 in reply to DamianLeon123 1 month ago

YOU are the one spouting propaganda. Just after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Che told the UK’s socialist/communist newspaper “The Daily Worker” that if it had been up to him, Cuba would have launched the missiles against the USA. Maybe that was just bluster, but is nuclear war something to bluster about? You (or more likely your parents), me, and everyone on the planet might well have been incinerated in a nuclear Armageddon or dead from nuclear fallout. Get the facts.

6B8RX in reply to RaRstudios103 1 month ago

i read che’s diary .. i read multiple biography’s about him .. and this all propaganda at its best !! the real cause of the crisis is this unsustainable capitalist system that’s eating our planet !! and corporations and the main stream media who brainwashes people !!

robbiesantiago91 in reply to 6B8RX 1 month ago 17 

…. And then brought them under the CRUELER OPPRESSION OF THE CASTRO REGIME who executed far more innocent people that the Baptista regime and was a USSR puppet. Ask yourself do you know the quality of that FREE education. Do you know the value of the PHD? If everyone is guaranteed a PHD then they aren’t worth anything. Again what is the quality of the Healthcare. And if Cuban communism is so successful why can’t they feed their own citizens? Why do they need Capitalist America to survive?

ShamanMcLamie in reply to robbiesantiago91 1 month ago

Castro only execute the criminals that were found guilty of the baptista regime when he brought them to trial, criminals that executed innocent people , rape, money laundry etc. And in order to protect the island from another U.S INVASION which they try once and failed at the “BAY OF PIGS” Castro had no CHOICE but to be on the USSR side. AND CUBA has if one of the best Education systems in all latin america!!

robbiesantiago91 in reply to ShamanMcLamie 1 month ago

UNESCO’s recent regional assessment–the Second Regional, Comparative, and Explanatory Study (SERCE) exam–show that Cuban students scored far better than nearly all of their Latin American peers in language, math, and science. Few Cuban students scored poorly, and large numbers excelled. This is a stark contrast to their peers in the rest of the region.

robbiesantiago91 in reply to robbiesantiago91 1 month ago

SO ur saying that a DOCTOR isn’t worth anything ?? THANKS to Cuba Solidarity poor people in latin america can go to a doctor , do u know how many cuban doctors assist people in all parts of the world ?? and didn’t say that the Cuban system has been successful ! again theirs been a criminal blockade that has lasted half of a century now!!! Do u think Communist China would of become of the biggest economy with a commercial , financial , economic blockade ?

robbiesantiago91 in reply to robbiesantiago91 1 month ago

societies have been ruled by the those in power. It is easy to talk about democracy and revolution when the bottom line is Civic Education, Ethics and Vision. Intentions are always

good but many destroy nations in the intend. Unfortunately, the pyramid in reverse is not sustainable. Those who admire the pyramids in Egypt : they were built by slaves. No to human explotation and No to hatred to middle /uppper classes. Chinese are a prove of sucess despite discrimination, opium and Mao.

zulusafari1 1 month ago

I would like to know how many of people giving opinions have been to Cuba and are also conversant with simple economic as well as historical principles. We have been and seen it ourselves: pathetic Cuba of Castro. With many privileges to the ones who are in power: from going to private hospitals and afford new cars. The majority get cupons/vouchers for food.

Check on the shops: nothing. The word is EVOLUTION…and Communism has simply failed: even Castro recognises he did not succeeded

zulusafari1 1 month ago

Which citizens of what country in America live the longest? 80 y/o average life expectancy in Cuba, the key here is preventive medicine. The economy is weak, and the government needs to open up more, but what I am sharing with you are facts. That’s revolutionary!…There quite a few things that need to be improved in Cuba, but that is entirely Cuba’s own business.

duran2vegas 1 month ago

If Cubans left Cuba, it was due to them being Middle class citizens or about which had control of society which was the lower class which was being used as slaves to produce Capital and maintain a Capitalistic structure which was not establish to benefit colored people. A quick statistic ” Over 90 percent of those who left Cuba from 1959 to 1962 were white” (Federal Reserved Bank of Atlanta)

JpSliker24 1 month ago

He wanted to start WW3″ Wtf is this american propaganda? The U.S was the one that wanted to invade Cuba not the other way around. The U.S is not your shinning becon of light, the U.S has had a horrible history of fucking up Latin America. You dont know about it be cause the have done a whole lot to cover it up. Che was fighting for equality he never killed innocent people the reason he left Cuba was because he disagreed with what Fidel was doing. The the stupid C.I.A had to kill him.

sweet6tweety 2 months ago

Cuba life expectancy is greater than the U.S. and Iceland literacy equals. I am not saying Cuba is better than US, but those are facts well known worldwide.

duran2vegas in reply to bigJ09z 1 month ago

Universal health Care that could have been way better without the embargo, and free public education from kinder garden to your University, including books, that’s quite revolutionary.

duran2vegas in reply to bigJ09z 1 month ago

Nicholas D. Kristof, American journalist specialized in collecting Pulitzer Prizes, noted in The New York Times that if the U.S. had a health system like Cuba, would save 2,212 babies each year from certain death. That’s revolutionary!

duran2vegas in reply to bigJ09z 1 month ago

Let me put it in clear terms, so you get it: I am not saying Today’s Cuba is fine, it is not, but when an entire country is free of illiteracy in less than a decade, that’s revolutionary.

duran2vegas in reply to bigJ09z 1 month ago

People, from whose majority were poor workers wanted socialist government. However, do you think that USA would have allowed democratically elected socialist to stay in power? NO. They would have just done some dirty CIA stuff to get rid of one

All USA wanted was keeping Cuba capitalist so their companies could keep making money there with cheap almost slave labor. USA had no problem with Cuba being dictatorship, but their problem was that Castro’s dictatorship wasn’t capitalist dictatorship.

Pvjinflight in reply to RodgerSmith11 1 month ago

How many tyrant governments did the CIA directly put in power, keep in power, or support indirectly/accidently? Now let’s see you put some subjective spin on that, was Pinochet necessary to protect Chile and the US from Allende’s dangerous socialism? The CIA loved him, so I guess he never killed any innocent people like these dirty Commies did he?

troublemakir in reply to RealityStar9 2 months ago

Yeah, everyone in Cuba is equally poor & starving now. And Che especially hated Blacks & Mexicans. When they brought the government down Castro & Che started living like kings & they knew how to live well because they were both from wealthy families. My father-in-law knew Castro & Raul b/4 they took power & he said they were both lazy & good for nothing-…rich spoiled brats.

My parents had a sense of justice & human sacrifice that’s why they left Cuba.

ETANBEY in reply to duran2vegas 2 months ago

……And Irishmen. “in my sons veins runs the blood of irish rebels” Ernesto guevara lynch(senior). The lynch obviously being his irish side.

doire7 in reply to duran2vegas 2 months ago

Because its corruption. Take a look at the number of fines these investment houses have been handed down over the years. IT’S SYSTEMATIC FRAUD! Look at goldman sachs in the sub prime mortgage debacle. I guess you are ok with fraud. I may not agree with everything che stood for but i can recognise someone who was trying to make the world a better place.

doire7 in reply to 9Iamthewalrus 2 months ago

Hitler drove germany out of poverty, created fair takes, built the autobaun, loved his country and it’s commplying people, invested heavely in german infrastructure, invested in science and medicine, which were responsable for finding out that smoking damaged the lungs and showed the failing of a social nazism. you can say good things about anybody, and please reaserch stalinism and leninism before quoting them. you will find that che was more similar to stalin than to lenin or marx

9Iamthewalrus in reply to duran2vegas 2 months ago

Just came back from Cuba and had personally seen poverty beyond my wildest nightmares. Lepers on the streets begging in front of a church in Santa Clara, huge number of unemployed youths in Trinidad, and destroyed schools and clinics all around the country. Even my tour guide herself lives in poverty and admitted that Che was a failure. Cuba is a societal hell hole, yet it seems young ‘intellectuals’ from middle to upper class positions in NA seem to think they have a valid opinion on the matter

Minhist 2 months ago

I wonder has that anything to do with the sanctions that were imposed on them. Oooooh thats a tough one. I’m going to go with yes. Lets see, Iraq from 1991 had sanctions imposed on them and 1.5 million people died due to those sanctions. Of those 1.5 million, 800,000 were children. None died of starvation but of lack of medical supplies. Cuba’s sanctions started over 2 decades before that. Now run along Mr teller of half truths and outright lies.

doire7 in reply to Minhist 2 months ago

The Castro regime nationalized all industries from American hands by 1962 in order to better the lives of Cubans, but the population suffers today because it doesn’t trade with the US anymore? The embargo is only limited to American businesses, tourists from Canada and Europe flock the country yearly not to mention US being the largest food supplier to Cuba. So why doesn’t Castro’s socialism work? It seems you are the dumbass who probably never even went to Cuba to know much about anything.

Minhist in reply to doire7 2 months ago

  • Here we go again with the half truths and outright lies. The US started restricted trading with cuba again in 2003 according to the associated press. THAT’S RESTRICTED TRADING SINCE 2003. The embargo started 52 YEARS AGO!!!!!!! Just give up, you are not going to beat me. Your lies and propaganda are not going to work here. No country on the planet has ever survived on tourism alone. Grow up.

    doire7 in reply to Minhist 2 months ago

  • It is not lies and propaganda, IT IS IN THE DOC AND IN FIDEL AND CHE’S WRITINGS ABOUT THEIR INTENTION TO BE FREE FROM AMERICAN ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INFLUENCE! Seeing as how your only response is “lies and propaganda” in conjunciton with name calling you have proven yourself to be a moron, troll, and just another loudmouth with nothing intelligent to offer.

    Minhist in reply to doire7 2 months ago

  • Look you moron, you said “not to mention US being the largest food supplier to cuba,” and i said “that’s restricted trading since 2003.” That means (you muppet) that the US only started trading with cuba in 2003. The previous 45 years they did not trade at all and i popinted out what sanctions did to iraq in a much shorter space of time(10 years). What are you talking about fidels/che’s writings? You are trying to change the topic to get off the hook. You have been well and truly beat. Bye moron

    doire7 in reply to Minhist 2 months ago

  • No I haven’t been beaten at all, you still can’t get it through that fucking idiot skull of yours, since you probably haven’t read anything by those two thugs, that Fidel and Che did not want anything to do with the States so trade, or embargo, with the States is irrelevant if you are a supporter of the regime. But fair enough, I won’t waste my breath with an idiot like yourself since you have proven yourself to be uneducated on the topic. Have a nice fucking day.

    Minhist in reply to doire7 2 months ago

  • Oh so now the embargo’s irrelevant now that you could not win that argument. Typical neo-con American. What a tool you are. You tried to make out the US was their biggest food trader but failed to let everyone know that, that was only from 2003. Like i said “Mr half truths.” Btw why are fidel and che thugs? Because they did not want cuba and latin America to live in extreme poverty. Thats right US backed batista was great. I forgot. Eat another big mac, it’ll make you happy.

    doire7 in reply to Minhist 2 months ago

    The vast majority of people in cuba live much better under the current regime than they ever did under the American backed batista. Thats histroy! Deal with it!

    doire7 in reply to RealityStar9 2 months ago

    Damn you’re pathetic, you can’t even answer my question. Che and Fidel’s main ambition was to cut ties with the United States to build Socialism and resist “Yankee Imperialism”. Since fidel and che succeeded in that, then why isn’t Cuba a socialist paradise even though it holds close relations with other Latin countries? You are arguing that the reason Cuba is in a hellhole is because it doesn’t trade with a nation it has from the beginning of its revolution, despised.

    Minhist in reply to doire7 2 months ago

    • But like in all nature, their is a place for everyone and in of itself can be cherished and respected.

      Something Marxists/Commies/Neo Con Bolsheviks and Liberals will never understand, because Liberalism is Moral syphilis.

      CelticAngloPresss 3 months ago

  • Soviet Union has collapsed, Communist Chinas has now gone Capitalist.

    All your liberal ideas are wrong and utterly false, and already being replaced.

    inequality is the future, some people are handsome, some people are ugly, some are born with gifted intelligence, others are not, making people whom are not equal, equal, is in of itself impossible, public schools are failing and collapsing and will soon be shut down because more then 50% are drops outs.

    Natural law prevails over Utopian fantasy

    CelticAngloPresss 3 months ago

    “I have yet to find a single credible source pointing to a case where Che executed ‘an innocent’. Those persons executed by Guevara or on his orders were condemned for the usual crimes punishable by death at times of war or in its aftermath: desertion, treason or crimes such as rape, torture or murder. I should add that my research spanned five years, and included anti-Castro Cubans among the Cuban-American exile community in Miami and elsewhere”

    Jon Lee Anderson: Che A Revolutionary Life

    MopacMurtaza 3 months ago

    reading peoples issues of che/Cuba’s exicution policies, u have to understand this was a revolution!, to explain it [ u had a groupe of friends that was beeing thretened by another group, wouldnt u defend ur friends?,] in this case traitors where threating the Cuban peoples freedom and sacrifices had to be made, Che was an Argentinian who had no reason to be there but he wanted to help fellow Latin countries, would a terrorist do that?, i dont see alquida helping seria!

    LoADinG097 3 months ago

    marxism, socialism, and capitalism are failing ideologies. But, don’t let me stop you guys from pretending your favorite one actually helps humanity…

    aeternusero 3 months ago

Che fighting in Africa IS a fact, while “he sounds like a plantation owner” is an opinion. Your interpretations of his words aren’t something I would consider a reliable source. I have to agree with albizu2010, you are stupid.

markEmark86 in reply to YusefAlTahir 3 months ago

Vote UpVote DownReply

when did I ever say Che didn’t fight in africa? you are the stupid one. Go and read what che wrote! Here is a quote CHE:” The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations ” how is this not racist?

YusefAlTahir in reply to markEmark86 3 months ago

  • That is not racist, it is merely an observation. If I said that Asians are shorter than blacks does that make me racist? (don’t hurt your head thinking, the answer is no) Che traveled across Latin America writing down what he saw, unless he said that one race is better than the other it is not racist. You have the logic and reasoning of a 1st grader so I won’t waste any more of my time arguing with you.

    markEmark86 in reply to YusefAlTahir 3 months ago

young American revolutionary seeking a few good men to restore justice and liberty to the homeland. must be willing to do whatever is necessary and have a deep seeded dislike for the empire and a deep love for people of all religions, colors, creeds, and countries.

MrPrinceOFpa 3 months ago

what about women ?!?!?!?! XD …..

irismexica in reply to MrPrinceOFpa 3 months ago

sure, we will need plenty of food to fight the revolution. also our clothes will get very dirty. just kidding kind of, yes i would love to meet women or men that meet that description, maybe u have more balls than most men cause i dont see anyone else running to help out, especially in north america.

MrPrinceOFpa in reply to irismexica 3 months ago

CHE = Hero, Fighter of Injustice, Fighter for Equality, Defender of the Poor

Fidel = Curropted by power and became a dictator

Batista = The Worse Dictator in History

eldiezmaradona 4 months ago 10 

Dear God your and idiot and an stain on humanity. Che was a man who wanted to turn humanity into a machine. He tried to destroy rock music in Cuba, said that humanity should dedicate itself to only study and work. he also said “It is a crime to think of yourself as an individual,” and “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate,”

Fidel yes was a dictator

“Batista = The Worse Dictator in History” was either the second or fourth idiotic statements i have heard in

siverhawkproductions in reply to eldiezmaradona 2 months ago

At least I’m SO ignorant that I don’t understand simple grammer. It’s “You’re” not ‘Your.” You dumb uneducated proletariat! You’re been exploited and you don’t even understand it. Che fought so that people like you will understand the world beyond your country’s borders. Capitalism is parasitic, and self-destructive. The people who really run the US underdstand that, and they’re scared!

chris96kalonji in reply to SergNasty1 2 months ago

  • America has democratic elections, the people decide who runs the country. Cuba don’t, even when Fidel stepped down he didn’t have a democratic election, he handed it to Raul, there is nothing fair about that. America is a free nation, Cuba is not.

    RodgerSmith11 in reply to chris96kalonji 2 months ago

  • Your funny country is just a joke, you guys are so poisoned with your government’s propaganda. The only thing you guys can decide is what fast food restaurant is going to make you fatter… Stop believing the crap you said, because Your so called democratic country has a dictatorship all over Latin America…. So shut the fuck up…. Fat Ass

    jeremy280984 in reply to RodgerSmith11 2 months ago

    America is not a free nation, there are only to political sides to vote for, and it is illegal to be a communist.

    Yes, there are elections, but you can’t decide who runs the country, because the people in USA with money, are often the people who have the power.

    goingunder97 in reply to RodgerSmith11 2 months ago

    CHE = Guy with good intentions, but like all people with power, he turned into a asshole.

    Fidel = He was a bitch

    Batista = Not as bad as hitler

    XxGAMINGHQxX in reply to eldiezmaradona 3 months ago

    SomeCubans knew it was communist before he took over, at least some did. castro killed many Jehovah Witnesses over the Bible, these men did not use violence or warfare, they were just killed for not helping castro. To this date what he did to these men is looked upon with hate from cubans, even those who support castro.

    LOSLOKAJO 4 months ago

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