The Night Visitor – Anna Ternheim

27 May

*Solitary Move
Safe as long as I’m moving
No one touches me now
Hands without skin, oh so soothing

Lovely night
Free myself from heavy guilt on my shoulders
Stillness in the cold
Peace comes crawling up my bone

In a solitary move
I am moving away from you

Lovely night no need, but one
Let go what I hold in my hands
Let go what I hold in my heart
My head
My chest
Ocean helps man to forget

In a solitary move
I am moving away from you

*The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss)
Well, you know I’m a sailor and tomorrow we sail
It’s a hard way of living, but I know it well
And if I surrender my life to the sea
You can marry another it’s alright with me

Come lay with me, stay with me, soon I’ll be gone
I will remember you all winter long
And when I return to the one that I miss
Oh, the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss

When the mornings are warm and the valleys are green
I’ll come back from wherever I’ve been

The next time I hold you, I’m not letting go
We will give up the ocean forever, I know
Forever I know

Count your blessings if it gets tough
With each gift comes a loss

He was imprisoned by his own mind
Troubled after years of never letting go

If the road gets dark and you feel lost
We all pay our own costs

They were such eager companions
See them stumble on the most precious dreams
Make a life between the wave break
Catching breath in an ocean of steel

Count your blessings if you lose touch, if you feel stuck
If loves not giving and you had enough

Leave and nothing will be lost

*Ghost Of A Man
Would you believe me if I said
I never meant to hurt you, like I hurt myself
With you I was numbing all my pain
I will always bury my head in the sand
Stand by your side, just a ghost of a man
I thought I was better, must have been dreaming

My minds just forget
If I was strong enough to stay
You would always carry your burdens alone

You will always be waiting
And wave from the shore
I’m out on that island, no matter where I go
I thought I could be good
Must have been dreaming
We must have been dreaming

*What Remains?
Let’s start over my love, let’s start over my love
With what remains, with what remains

All in our hands, all in our hands
We rise and descend, rise and descend

*Bow Your Head
Let’s give it up for the rain
Heavy fall and a halo
Hours of holding the time
Like a stone in the palm of your hand
Lovely days by your side
Not even once, I never saw signs of trouble

Bow your head…

Let’s give it up for the fool
Words falling carelessly
Each joke holds a belief
For sad people like you and me

*Walking Aimlessly
In the black out of light
I found a rhyme on hope
In the corner of doubt
Someone left a word hanging on to me still

I draw a pair of new eyes in my mind
Reaching out who knows what I could find

*God Don’t Know
In his arms I forget
The beautiful women he met
Behind my back
His eyes stay true

I even thought I could get out
Walk away, put my head right
He wakes up with a mouth too sweet
He still makes me bleed

*Black Light Shines
Wake up in a haze
Light as a feather
Amazed by the white linen sheet
Placed over your head

Out of the steel bed
Out of the aches
Released from your head
Thinking kills us all in the end

Black light shines

The 9th of July
A first last goodbye
Your face in the wind being 5 maybe 6
Without wings you fly

*All Shadows
A fine veil over your eyes
Even the ocean, holding the tide
Your hopes while you’re slaving for time

This is the one who knows no regret
Who knows who you are
You’ve never met but
One day he’ll find you
Where ever you are
Owner of land he never walked on

All shadows, even the sun
Without a doubt he knows how to count your tears

Wake up one day and you’ll realize how

Hard you’ve been running most of your life
He waves at the old with his back to the wall
Waves at the young, the lost, the bored
Giving the sad eye while in his mind
You’re not adding straws to the pile

Maybe he’ll give you a few more years
Placing the time glass on your stairs
From that day life’s caving in
You’ll blame yourself, no one ever blames him

*Dearest Dear

My dearest dear, the time draws near
When you and I must part
And no one knows the inner grief
Of my poor aching heart

I wish your breast was made of glass
And in it I’d behold
Your name in secret I would write
In letters of bright gold

you’re the one that I love best
Until my dying day

And when you’re on some distant shore
Think on your absent friend
And when the wind blows high and clear
A line or two pray send

And when the wind blows high and clear
Pray to send it love to me
That I shall know by your hand write
How times have gone with thee

*Come To Bed
Two black holes
Eyes of hate in a dream
Never seen so much blood
Red dark colored mud

Come to bed if it’s hard to believe

Broken windows, fallen trees
Walk in ashes to the knees
Filth and dust in our hair
The smell of ruin is everywhere

Get their toughs, leave the bones of
Anyone who comes close to our home

Count the dead if it’s hard to believe

*” Nights In Goodville 

You know there’s just one road for us to walk down
Now let’s see how far it goes
I want to fall in love
And maybe you’re not the one
But perhaps you could be
But if loving you is hard
Please don’t hate me
Please don’t hate me

But the current in this water
Is not as rapid as the flow
Of love when it washes over
And one time i saw it coming
But i was too afraid of letting go
So i let it flow right past me
I think we fell in love

Yes i think he was the one
But perhaps you could be
But the nights here are so still
Not a whisper in goodville
Not a whisper in goodville





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