Somebody Outside – Anna Ternheim

26 May

To Be Gone
Leave the body leave the mind
Leave the body leave the mind
Every promise every place behind

I just happen to feel so alone
For today for all days to come
I just wanna be wanna be gone
I just wanna be wanna be gone

Leave the quiet leave the night
Leave the quiet leave the night
Broken feelings of dreams out of sight

Pictures in your head at night
For tonight for all nights to come
Erased for good and always gone
Erased for good and always gone

Leave the city leave the cold
Leave the city leave the cold
Young people far too old

Let me cross a very fine line
For today for a lifetime

*Better Be
Me and you
A better laugh in 20 years from now
With some perspective and dedication
I will find somebody new
Friends forever, no, another girl will change your mind in less than half a summer,
so before you fall in love I wonder when you asked for something that I couldn’t
give you more of, me and you, I talk as if it’s now-nothing is new

*I’ll Follow You Tonight
Caught by what comes by
I stand alone without a fair chance tonight
I just passed by you passed by me
My last way out and worst mistake tonight
Yes I’ll follow you tonight
The worst mistake to make or just the kind of promise you simply have to break,
so please turn out the lights and I’ll follow you
To any doorstep, any hallway
With hope of finding more, not feel shallow not get bored

*Bring Down Like I
Forever lasted 90 days
From early march till late in may
Then I pulled out in a day
To catch my breath some place far away
All to say farewell for now
No one brings you down like I
Tomorrow morning set me free
For many nights you’ll never sleep
When I’m far from reaching and out of sight
Enough to get me on my high tonight
Farewell for now, farewell for now, farewell…

*I Say No
Lately you’ve been bothered by your friends, we will disturb you to make you talk
again, we try to find the other side of you, the things you hide, what you don’t say

We say no, we won’t let you slip in between
We say no, we won’t let you squeeze right through

So we give you second chances easily, we wait for answers for hours and years but
the sadness in you eyes won’t go away, it becomes you in a strange kind of way

I wonder where you come from, where you’ve been, what you you gain if you win,

*French Love
So we planned a secret rendez-vous, tout la nuit chez mo
And soon confusion grew, I sadly smiled for 2 as his head bent
Down, and he wore my heart like a crown, cause I always fall for
The one
Qui ne m´aime pas -Qui ne pas besoin de moi

*Voice To Calm You Down
By the end of the day
Left only with my godless mind on my way home again
By the end of the night
A falling star is your guiding light and the way is not yours to find
On your knees or running fast either
caught or escaping your past

*Somebody’s Outside
Didn’t I tell you about the dream I had last night
We were both in it and everything seemed so right
When I opened up my eyes he was standing beside our bed
Don’t remember the look on his face, but I remember
I remember what he said

To be with somebody else
It’s time to be with somebody else
For one to hold and for one to leave

Somebody touched me and whispered in my ear
Come a little bit closer there’s nothing for you to fear here
So I left your side and followed my own voice now
The window was open but he was gone
So I went back to you

*My Secret
the best days are not planned by common sense, by lack
of time, you just happen to be where everything feels fine

It’s a new secret I have found

From today, I’ll change my priorities around, I’m no
longer in command, and people say I’m off solid ground
and you’re to blame, but they don’t understand, people
never do, it’s confusing, I don’t expect them to

(Written by Broder Daniel)
I’ve been standing on the shoreline
all my life I’ve been
waiting for something lasting

oh this town kills you when you are young

I’m not the boy
that i used to be
this town has got the youth of me
all the eyes turn hollow
from the work of sorrow




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