Separation Road – Anna Ternheim

25 May

*Girl Laying Down
I never come around
I left her 15 years behind
girls laying down
never come around

So much for girls staying in,
afraid of being needed and seen,
she watches the world on a screen
she’s distant
God knows I’ve tried to leave her
Cause she´s got a constant fever
I let it slip my mind

We have something in common
She´s as indifferent as I am

*Today Is A Good Day
Call me free today, if you see it my way
Time on my side as well as my mind is
It’s not with you for sure, no not anymore
I intend to stay away for good

Without your company I have so many holes to fill
At least seven nights a week killing time
I still feel fine I guess, my life was a mess
When I shared it with you
I was lonely,
now I’m just alone

It’s just a matter how I define
My state of mind

Today is a good day

Just a scratch on my ego
I get up in the morning
With a good plan tomorrow
I’ll be keeping my mind cold
Until the evening
When the hours forget me and
The waiting awaits me
and voices of madness
from my subconscious
singing songs of the sadness
Today is a good day

*Such A Lonely Soul
She’ll ask you were you’ve been, you’ll be hours late when
you finally come home She’ll suspect something’s wrong
make sure to erase all your outgoing calls

Why trouble her lonely soul
She doesn’t have to know

She’ll be watching you for sure
afraid to find out what she already knows

*Calling Love
I miss the common life we had
Monday mornings and quiet nights,
Being bored feeling fine,
Was a gift if you ask me now

I call love by your name
I take it’s no use but I miss you still

Your worn apartment outside town, I miss
Saturdays when your kids came by,
It first seemed hard to accept,
But who can choose the love they get?
I thought I could
You never measured up
Your life wasn’t good enough but
Who am I to judge you now

*No Subtle Men
It’s getting late I think my time is running out
No one special nothing lasting within sight
How could I stay calm when panic lies just ahead?
Who wants me now, my youth is hanging by a thread

So much for running when no one stays to wait,
For another broken promise, to slip my mind by mistake

*Lovers Dream
Please put me to sleep
If there’s room beneath your feet
See, I’ve left my home
I couldn’t get used to living alone

Put me to rest
Lay your head on my chest
Hold my hand
When you leave don’t wake me up
Just to see how you say goodbye

Maybe I could be yours
Maybe you could be mine
God, I’ve waited so long
Maybe my time has come
To walk by your side

Please put me at ease
Now my soul is ready for peace
Give me the lovers curse
Now I’m ready for you,
My rebel, my hope

*Feels Like Sand
I know you have no place left to go
I’m your last escape
so I’ve been told

I’ve been replaced by you before
I’m just another corpse along your road
No regretful eyes can win
My sympathy this time

Halo halo, above your head today
Saying you’re a changed man now

Giving every promise bitter ends
Disappointment walks with you my friend
I’m not the only one you hurt
a dozen times or more

Halo halo, above your head today
Feels like sand in my eye

*Tribute To Linn
Waking up was kind of strange
The past two years have made a change
You were barely on my mind
Saying goodbye sure takes time

Today you should turn 25
With your best time flying by
Not knowing where your future lies
All prepared to concour life

But we get no answers from the past
Nor how the fire spread so fast

*One To Blame
Voices hard and hollow
Colder than I ever was before
I’m leaving you peaces of love to come for more

You always find me miles from where I said
You must let go, oh nothing sounds convincing to the ones
who cant say no

Who could possibly save
Save us from madness

It’s bittersweet to swallow kindness as a consequence of guilt so gather up the pieces of your last and dying will and prepare yourself to live with whatever follows pain

*Halfway To Fivepoints
How to get to Five Points
Make a wrong turn you’ll know
If you’re thinking of going
Think no more

Who’s taking you down there
What’s his name let me know
The price he offers
Around the corner of love


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