Leaving On A Mayday Quotes – Anna Ternheim

24 May

*No, I Don’t Remember
No, I don’t remember
What brought us to this
What places we blindly passed
What turns we missed
When things really mattered
And we really cared
Simply being was easy
Just having you there

I was on a down slide, wasting my days.
Then I met you and came to such a lovely place.
We laughed and cried our way through
the days and nights, the weeks and months,
and all the seasons ups and downs

Fall like a wave against the rocks
Leave with a rash or get crushed
You never know until
after the chock
When you wake up
what¥s broken, what¥s not
Summer Rain

Those days came and went, then you get taken by life by accident
And you wake up somewhere in the shade, overloaded by what you made yourself

Off The Road

Maybe we are the damaged ones
Endless need like a burning sun
Burns like you, my damaged one

On my knees in a faceless crowd
We go blind when the stakes are high
You and I in a shameless state
I want you so badly you know,
That it¥s a pain to wait, what keeps you from moving
Are you afraid to be loved?

No one I’d rather be with than you
We never say the word but our eyes always do
My head explodes and my mind¥s a mess
and I¥m dying to move like young boys do

No one I’d rather be with than you
Away with the bothers, the saddest of news
Sober or not, high or down below myself
You know the days when nothing flows
No one makes me free like you make me
I speak my mind, I¥m honest and cruel
I lay out my cards,
I’m a joke,
I’m a fool
But the beast
in me
sleeps oh so peacefully
oh so peacefully’

You see me
Like no one,
saw me before

-My Heart Still Beats For You
Hard to believe
How people move
Falling out
of love with you
tearing down
all the walls
and love the chaos

I thought again
Of driving by
The place we met
You and I
Where it started
How we lived
Together always


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