Ellas Lenguas

3 May

It’s there, it’s where, it begins,
and it’s calling your name
You’ve been down there all night now,
in a state that I cannot explain
Behind grey curtains of ash

A kiss from sullen lips of ashes


A can in my hand
a picture in my mind
a voice I need to hear, a laugh I need to show
We’ re lonely, babe
in a boat, again…
How I wish I could describe their pain
or my pain
The mystic light, the choir of smoke
The smell of wood, the pose, the joke…

If only I had that strength

to see those people, all so lonely as me
i try hard to learn 
new things you better 
work real hard, 
on your fears instead 
of fighting together, 
work together
try to see the reasons 
why you sacrifice 
and lie the reason 
we continue to deny
i only hear you say 
the answer is to pray 
but what if God 
himself is lost today
but all i can see 
is our longing to belong 
in we’re all alone afraid 
of the other side 

More lyrics: http://www.lyricsmania.com/i_try_hard_lyrics_yael_naim.html
All about Yael Naim: http://www.musictory.com/music/Yael+Naim 

I’m living with your memory
In the attic in my mind

When the past gives me no comfort
And though the future is the cost
The way I’m choosing to remember
I’ll forever be the man I never was

Gotye  – The onlything I know

You went from being him to being you
the night when you told me the truth
you hid your face inside your hand and cried
and told me that you once wanted to die

I went from being me to being her
the very moment you let out those words
the unknown, the unspoken, the unseen
I’m not your lover, not your friend but somthing in between
… I once defeated that same sorrow inside me…

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