Is War Natural ?

30 Mar
It has a long history, is it caused by competition over limited resources with growing populations or plain greed ?

is eugenics or a solution to war ?

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  • you ask several different questions there jason..

    is war natural?
    ‘natural’ is quite an ambiguous term – a quick look on lists over 30 definitions for the word.. i will therefore assume that you mean to ask whether war is a natural instinct of humankind.. to me, such a question is irrelevant to the present question.. whilst we have resorted to war in the past to resolve dispute, with our current level of culture – where we can level a city with a single bomb – is it not time that we ceased such destructive practices and resolved our affairs in a more dignified manner?

    is war caused by competition over limited resources with growing populations or plain greed?
    war does indeed have a long and unfortunate history.. some have been fought for resources, others for assets that could be construed as greed and yet others over differences in ideologies.. essentially one can see the problem as a failure to work with one’s neighbours.. if resources were shared and differing ideologies tolerated, we would have little need to kill each other in war.. that’s where the idea of peace kinda transcends into other movements really – the ideal is for everyone to live in harmony and so the only way to achieve that is to remove the barriers to equality, healthcare, education and democracy for everyone on the planet..

    is eugenics or a solution to war?
    eugenics and the ‘self-extinction’ philosophy suggested by are only methods of population control and are in no way solutions to war.. it doesn’t matter what the population size is, if they can’t get along there will be conflict.. it is only by learning to accept one another and by contributing to a common economy on an equal footing that we can hope to achieve a peaceful tomorrow for all..

    peace not war..

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  • war is conflict
    conflict is relieving stress
    stress is living with tooo many one this earth
    living with to many on this earth is us reproducing without a limit
    the limit that disappeared , is the cause for war
    the limit that used to be was natural
    the limit was a natural enemy
    the natural enemy was every animal that hunts

    when humans evolved , they became the hunters , with none to hunt for humans , we have become bored and out of control , thats why there was only 1 natural choice left: if there is no one above you , you only have something that is on the same level as you.

    so yes , for us humans , or every other specie that comes down the same path as us , war IS natural

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  • an interesting article on the subject from new scientist magazine titled ‘Wining the ultimate battle: how humans could end war’:    

    of which the conclusion states:
    ‘Is this all just idealistic pie-in-the-sky? Well, there is no doubt that any announcement of the end of warfare would be premature. At the very least, though, we can confidently reject the fatalistic belief that it is innate. That assumes “we’re some kind of automata where aggressive genes force us to pick up knives and guns like zombies and attack each other without any thoughts going through our heads”, says Pinker. War is not in our DNA. And if warfare is not innate then, surely, neither is it inevitable.’

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  • Alright, subjects, studies and papers aside.
    Conflict is a natural thing. Although war isn’t conflict on small scale. You also have to take into consideration that people are really not that natural anymore. We don’t complete our lives by attributing to the natural process, just you on the computer proves this. Now that I’ve ascertained that people are not really apart of nature with their actions anymore. What does that make us? Some scientists and general people who think have often described people as the planet’s cancer, unless you study this subject, or are a scientist, you probably do not understand what they are saying.

    Cancer is a rapidly evolving set of cells, exposed to a natural mutagen found within the human body, these cells, excel soooo rapidly that the human body is put into a state of shock and overcompensates. These cells are soo new and different to the body, because the body is in general “Fighting itself” That it cannot build up a natural immunity, this fact eventually kills the host.

    Human beings are creatures of Want, and of change.
    Want being that, we don’t take what is needed, or what is best for the planet, we take whatever we want without thinking about the consequences or just plainly disregarding them for profit. These kinds of decisions lead to Greed based wars, causing the planet more harm, by resource harvesting, and over producing.

    Creatures of Change meaning, that we are open to our own interpretation, we know better, although we pretend not to, as to continue our destructive and want based lifestyle.

    So what those educated individuals are saying is.
    The Earth is a living organism and every organism on it is apart of its strictly balanced circulatory system, to wit we are the invading, cell that is an evolved form of a natural cell.

    We are the only organism on this planet that seems to have no other purpose than to take from it.

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    War is not innate, any more than a whole range of ‘learned’ or ‘conditioned’ behaviour patterns. Fashion is not innate. Neither is low self-esteem. War is a function of Civilisation.

    Derrick Jensen defines Civilisation as any human habitation that, exceeding the carrying capacity of its land base, requires the importation of ‘resources’ from other peoples land bases and /or the destruction of habitat for that purpose. Civilisation is inherently unsustainable. War is a FUNCTION of Civilisation, a core method of acquiring ‘resources’.

    Peace therefore is as much a question of ecologically sustainable living as it is of violence. Most cultures that are non-civilised are sustainable.

    The problem for Peace activists is this : because most of us have internalised the values of the system of resource exploitation, (or have internalised the values of the abusers) we fail to see the connections between the way we live (stealing ‘resources’) and the wars fought (abuse) to maintain that way of living.

    In essence, the movement lacks any real purchase on the problem because the discourse is limited to ‘War and Peace’ within Civilisation; and folk are looking for a peaceful civilisation, which is an oxymoron. It ain’t gonna happen.

    The Peace Movement must expand the discussion to include the conditioning of children, through Compulsion Schooling, which is seen as essential by the drivers of Civilisation; it must include also the facts of unsustainable living.

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    And it must also include a discussion on psychopathology within Civilisation.

    There are arguments that suggest there is a ‘natural’ level of psychopathology, that also show that the practice of Civilisation expands that level beyond natural limitations. Certainly the behaviour of Corporations, Leaders, Soldiers and their counterparts in ‘resistance’ show this to be the case.

    What is often missed though is that psychopathology, ie: acting and abusing without conscience or empathy, is a core product of Compulsion Schooling, Military Training, Corporate Training, Financial Training : in fact a core requirement for success in most ‘career’ paths for middle class managerial types, for police, for many, many people. All of this is learned.

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  • People over compensate the simple act of stepping back and examining ones self.


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