How to find creative solutions to problems

22 Mar

Do you know what’s the difference between people who believe that they are stuck and those people who always manage to find their way out?

Its their ability to find creative solutions to their problems. Most people rely on their past experience whenever they face new problems and as a result they limit their thinking in such a way that prevents them from solving these problems.

In my self confidence articles I said that the ability to face life problems greatly affects a person’s self confidence and his self image.

If you constantly fail to solve your life problems then you will end up believing that you are helpless, defeated and less worthy than others.

Life is not simple and the problems we face from time to time are not always easy to tackle. That’s why its extreemly important to learn how to find creative solutions to the life problems you face and that’s what i am going to tell you about in this article.

How to solve your problems in a creative way

So how can you become creative?
Here are some tips that will enable you to think creatively and to solve your problems in innovative ways:

  • 1) Forget about the past: One of the main reasons for loss of creativity is depending on an already existing database of solutions to solve your life problems. In such a case the person’s becomes stuck with a limited number of solutions, usually the ones he tried earlier, and as a result he fails to find a creative solution to his problems. (see also How to solve life problems).
  • 2) Avoid the expert pest: In my article why experts are wrong I said that the more a person believes he is an expert at a topic the less creative he becomes because of always believing that his knowledge outweighs any new data he can get. After all if he solved hundreds of problems using his old ways then why bother trying a new way? I am not telling you not to become an expert but i am just asking you to explore new possibilities if your old methods didn’t work
  • 3) Think without restrictions: The best way to unleash your creative thinking is to think without any restrictions. This means that suggested solutions that appear illogical should also be considered not because you should use one of them but because one illogical idea might lead to a perfectly logical one. When you prevent yourself from discussing certain illogical ideas you close the door to many suggested solutions that are related to them
  • 4) Tune your mind for the frequency of solutions: What if I asked you for a creative solution for a problem that cannot be solved? will you find any solution to the problem? no you will never do it because you will only think of limitations instead of possibilities. In order to find a creative solution to a problem you must first believe that it has a solution and you will never be able to look at things that way before you believe in yourself. (see also Success and believing in yourself)
  • 5) Get detached from yourself: When you think using your mind you unintentionally use your past experience, your false beliefs and your old database to come up with solutions. In order to prevent this from happening you need to see things from a different perspective. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as someone else then try to find a solution to the problem from his own perspective. In such a case you will come up with a creative answer. 

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