Colombian Myths – The Kogui

7 Mar
Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mother Sea and The Worlds

The kogui indians who live in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta think that the sea was the mother of the world, because in the beginning of the world all was sea and it was darkness.

They called at mother Gualchován. Whereas the creation the Kogui thinks that nine worlds was formed:

  1. In the first one was the mother, the water and the night.
  2. In the second world was the tiger.
  3. In the third world were earthworms.
  4. In the fourth world were another two mothers called Sáyagaueye-yumang and Disi-se-yuntana’ and one father who they called Sai-taná, he was the first to know the human’s appearance.
  5. In the fifth world was the mother named Eukuáne-yumang and the humans who were born there, but these humans hadn’t ears , neither eyes , nor nose , nor heard ; without these people talked by first time and they only say “sai sai sai”, that in kogui language means “night night night”.
  6. In the sixth world was the mother named Búnkuaneme-nulang and the father Sai-chaká; there began to be born the owners of the world, who initially were two: Bu’nkua-sé (blue) and Bunkua-sé (black), and in each one these were nine Bunkua-sé; those of the left side they were blue and those right side were black.
  7. In the seventh world was the Ahunyiká mother; there the blood begin to form in the bodies and were born more earthworms, without bones and force.
  8. In the eighth world was the mother Kenyajé and the father Ahuínakatana,there was born the parents and other owners of the world, they was thirty three.
  9. In the ninth world was nine Bunkuase that in kogui languaje means white people, then the world fathers found a big tree in the sky, on the sea and on the water. They made a wood and rattan straw great house that they called Alnáua.

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