Do You Really Want To Give Up Your Freedom For Commitment?

24 Feb

09 August 2011 | Find Your Love | Tags:  

It’s hard to believe that single men and women would leave the freedom of being single for commitment but it’s true.

Titles are so overrated. With first-marriage divorce rates around 41% and growing, (depending on the study) and the steady increasing reports of infidelity, what does it mean to be a girlfriend or a wife these days?

With a definition fuzzier than the plot of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, what do you get with commitment that isn’t available through dating?

Commitment is intention. It is love in action. * It’s a quote I found among my many notes but I’m not too sure where it came from.

If you look at commitment as defined above, it’s no wonder men and women are afraid of it. Love is a scary, overused, and undefined term for feelings that can’t be described. Despite its many complications and intricacies and without really knowing why, we must express it. Commitment before marriage, allows us to do that. It’s like love with training wheels.

It’s like loving with a guarantee. (I can’t ever think of the word guarantee without making a Tommy Boy reference)

This is why no matter how much you appreciate being single, there is an expression of love in all of us that is dying to get out. To stick with the peeing analogy, sometimes you have to love so badly you commitment to the wrong person, it’s like having an accident. You have you clean yourself off, deal with the embarrassment and set out to hold love in until you find the right environment for release.

Although I didn’t give the right answer at the time, I’ve come to realize that human beings have to love. You could argue that all animals do because it’s the only way that we can make sure or demand that we be loved in return. Reciprocity is the biggest influence, and commitment promises that our giving will result in us getting back.

Wanting commitment is natural, I’m not mad at anyone who wants it. But until you have someone worth committing to, don’t just give your freedom away. I think being single is phenomenal. Everyone should enjoy it, embrace, and celebrate their liberty for as long as they can!

What are your thoughts on commitment?

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