In Bogota for 3 days, where to eat

29 Jan

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In Bogota  for 3 days, where to eat

I will be spending this Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Bogota.
I am a Chef so my greatest interest anywhere I go is food. I’ve done some research on restaurants in the city but would like to know what places people familiar with the city would recommend. I want to try the best Colombian food the city has to offer. This will be my first time in Colombia. What are some of the best places for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are open on the weekend? Where could I find a good market for Colombian fruits and other local foods? What are some local dishes it would be a sin not to try? Where could I find a good coffee shop?


Sep 9, 2010 8:27 AM
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Colombian food is not the greatest. In Bogota around Parque 93 there are no lack of good restaurants though.


Sep 9, 2010 9:07 AM
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It is a must to taste these dishes:
Ajiaco from Bogota, a soup made with chicken, corn, potato, avocado, capers, milk cream and guascas. The best! Avoid peas or rice some people uses.
Tamal from Valle del Cauca (Cali) made with potatoes or corn, better than with rice. Chicken, pork and meat, peas, carrots, etc, served in a plantain leaf. Chili recommended.
Bandeja paisa from Antioquia (Medellin). It must contain at least 9 components of meat, pork, beans, plantain, corn, avocado, etc.
Pepitoria (rice made with goat meat and blood) and mute from Santander (Bucaramanga)
Caribbean´s Arroz con coco with fish and plantain´s patacones
Sancocho (fish, meat or chicken soups) from different zones. The best is from Valle del Cauca made with chicken, plantain, yuca and cilantro cimarron.
Snacks like arepas de maiz with cheese, empanadas de carne with chili, patacones with hogao, morcilla.
Postre de natas
Brevas con arequipe
Leche asada

Coffe shop: try Juan Valdes. There are many of them.

There are popular marjets like 7 de Agosto in the north and Paloquemao near the downtown, but maybe you prefer a supermarket; best fruits are found at Pomona, there are several in the north.

Ajiaco at 
Meat at 
Bandeja paisa at Las Acacias:  
Tamal, empanadas and sancocho at Fulanitos:  

I suggest, if you can eat that much, tamal with chocolate for breakfast, bandeja paisa for lunch and sancocho valluno for dinner.

You will enjoy our food !!!!

Alejandro Carrasquilla G.
Borugo S.A.S.


Sep 9, 2010 9:09 AM
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There are good platters as the poster above says. You must have the ajiaco…if you want off the beaten track fish then head to a district just off the Carrera 19 called the Embajada del Pacifico where there are a number of Choco fish restaurants. I recommend Las Juanas.


Sep 9, 2010 3:15 PM
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I went to a good restaurant last weekend. The Chef has traveled around Colombia learning different recipes from different places, good to go if you want something a bit different. It is called ‘Ocio sabores artisticos’. Address: Cra 4-A #66-03. For coffee Diletto has good coffee.



Sep 10, 2010 2:48 AM
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where to go for breakfast that open very early and work on sunday morning (in Candelaria) ?
many thanks !


Sep 10, 2010 5:57 AM
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There are a couple of bakeries in that neighborhood, in every neighborhood. Follow your nose or ask. You will not miss the distinct aroma from the Colombian cows. I don’t know if they are open early Sunday morning.


Sep 10, 2010 8:01 AM
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I tried several veggies and they were all crap except Sesamo, at avenida Juarez, in the Centre, nearby the station of transmilenio


Sep 10, 2010 8:02 AM
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I am going to be there for the weekend, arriving tomorrow noon. For sure I will go to Andres Carne de Res, and I also recommend you, since you are a chef, the Criterion – menu degustacion.
Feel free to e-mail in case you want to join me. mimizsi@gmail


Sep 10, 2010 7:50 PM
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You can visit all the places this weekend, for lunch or dinner.

Lengua en salsa, cordero or sancocho en  wednesday to sunday.

Ajiaco Santafereño, el mejor de la Candelaria – Centro Histórico, Restaurante Pimienta y Cafe Cr 3 No. 9 – 29 monday to saturday 

Cazuela de lentejas en  monday to sunday


Sep 11, 2010 1:12 AM
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Thanks to all that replied.
I’m leaving for Bogota  in an hour so I’ll get to try out some of your
recommendations very soon!


Sep 11, 2010 5:31 PM
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For the finest Colombian  food in Bogotá (and the best view) you should go to Restaurante Santa Clara on top of Monserrate. Here is my tripadvisor review  

My favourite restaurante in Bogotá (in my opinion the best) is Nacza, which is obviously peruvian 

Everything else is a bit pants, somewhat culinarily abandoned. Bogotá has some restaurants that look nice but are formidably bad. This one for example  

Avoid Hamburguesas El Corral if you don’t want food poisoning.

Breakfast near la Candelaria. La Romana is nice right next to Transmilenio Museo del Oro.

Bogotá has the nicest fruit and vegetable market I have ever seen and I recommend it, find it in this list (Paloquemao)  


Feb 25, 2011 2:29 PM
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que buen ajiaco! el mejor de la candelaria carrera 3 9-27 Candelaria Centro Historico


Feb 26, 2011 8:37 AM
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Sorry, I just realized this is a very old thread but I had already written my long explanation, might as well leave it there it might be of help to new travellers.johnny, I totally disagree with you perception, Santa Clara is a very mediocre restaurant by any standards just as 1492 also is. Corral burgers are the best in the world in my opinion especially those at the fast food chain, the Corral Gourmet is totally overpriced for what they offer. We do agree on Nazca as a good restaurant but for peruvian I like La Mar much better and not as pricy as Astrid & Gaston and Rafael.Halfblue: Bogota  has several dinning districts where you as a chef might find interesting things around. G zone at 69th and 7th has several interesting restaurants lined up around a few blocks and is considered probably the most upmarket dinning area. Most have quite expensive international type restaurants, but just walking around is very interesting. As it has been suggested Casa Vieja has a location there, besides the suggestions I also like the Puchero served there. A very nice bakery called Rausch Bakery is just next to it with very interesting options. The most popular restaurant there is Harry´s Bar with a very interesting menu.

Another district is La Macarena also all kinds of food, although not Colombian food but very good is El Patio with a Frech menu, but very unique place. My favorite Colombian restaurant in that area is Estrella de los Rios with a very interesting approach to Colombian Caribbean  cousine. The Macarena is located on 4th and 29th behind the Bull Fight Ring. Just off that area is Leo Cocina y Caba on 7th and 28th just next to the Ibis Hotel which was rated by Conde Nast a few years back as top 50 world wide. It also works on a nouveau Caribbean concept.

Another district is Zona Rosa (around 82nd and 12th), the most famous around there in Colombian food is Club Colombia  (9th and 82nd), some people love it, some people say its way overpriced for Colombian food but it is trying the truth it became the first place that really attracted top businessmen and their international counterparts around Colombian food. Prior to that Casa Vieja never was able to really do that. It is a beautiful house where the restaurant is located. Andres Carne de Res (Bogota version, as the original is just outside town in Chia) is great for steaks and worth it, just for the experience of eating there. I love their Lomo al Trapo (is a Bogota tradition of grilling a steak inside the fireplace, while covered in salt wrapped in a rag). Many other restaurants and bars around Zona Rosa, mostly international, best french in town in my opinion called La Brasserie. Not Colombian per say but very interesting is Crepes & Waffles for any time of day including breakfast, they are all over town including 3 in Zona Rosa but just check it out, wonderful value for money, largest Colombian chain that has gone international (All over South America and Spain), huge savory and sweet menu and they work around helping all their staff who are single mothers heads of households. Another interesting concept is Andres Plaza (off spin of Andres Carne de Res) but brought into a fast food concept, nice place.

Another district is Park 93 (93rd and 13th), nothing special in my opinion restaurant wise, nice atmosphere and quite pretty, my suggestion there is Salto del Angel for good steaks but mostly for nice party atmosphere especially thur-sat. Best steaks there is Bonga del Sinu for informal eating of great northern Colombia type steaks. Best breakfast in town in my opinion at Diner, also on the park, traditional Calentado (at home you mix all the left over from dinner, with rice and an egg on top), they do several great versions of that, also the traditional Caldo de Costilla (meat and potato broth with and egg inside) and Changua (milk based soup with bread, cheese, egg, cilantro) the best for hangovers.

Another of the larger dinner districts is Usaquen, an old town that was overgrown by the city, 5th and 118th, with old quaint square and very good restaurants. My favorite is 80 sillas which has a fish and shrimp only menu, you choose you fish and you choose the way you want it cooked, kind of mix and match. Beautiful house and really fantastic fish. I also like Arcanos there, very interesting menu, La Mar (peruvian) and also not Colombian but with great steaks is Patagonia which a great and tradional Argentinian steak house.

For a totally different setting outside town on the road to La Calera is El Tambor, a restaurant that serves a traditional Colombian cook-out, served in a wicker basket all cut into small pieces, you sit around the restaurant in the grass or on basic wood seats with a huge rock as your table. Totally outdoor, very unique. No cutlery and beautiful view.

La Candelaria has some good places, another version of Casa Vieja and Fulanitos, both in beautiful homes, Fulanitos not great service but very good food. Places will all be open through the weekend except for Sunday evening where most are closed, check on those. But we eat lunch late on Sundays and they would serve until late afternoon.

For fruits and vegetables, their are several farmers markets most not close by to hotels or such. There is a famous just fruit and vegetable supermarket which could prove interesting called Surtifruver, there is a large one of those in Zona Rosa on 85th and 15th.



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