TIPS: Reheating Pizza

16 Dec
Monday, November 13, 2006

A lot of us like to eat pizza, whether it is bought from a pizza parlor, the local grocery store, or home made. The problem I used to have is that day old pizza just doesn’t taste the same. One of my biggest complaint is that the dough at the bottom gets soggy after being in the fridge for a few hours.

What I do before was to microwave the pizza for around half a minute (depending on how thick the dough and toppings are) and pop it in a toaster oven. The reason why I microwave it first is to heat up the toppings. I find that the toaster oven can never heat up the toppings and dough/crust at the same time. I tried playing around with the bake/broil setting and it’s just not the same.

Recently, I was reading one of those spam emails and it had a very good suggestion about heating leftover pizza. The trick is to heat up the pizza on a stove. I was skeptical at first but I didn’t really have anything to lose so I tried it out. It worked very very well. So here I am sharing it with you.

Here’s how you do it. Use your favourite pan (I use non stick for convenience) and turn your stove to medium to medium-high heat. While the pan is getting hot, pop the pizza in the microwave for half a minute (just until the toppings get hot). Place the pizza on the pan (no oil needed – that’s why I use a non stick pan) and heat it for a couple minutes. You’ll need to keep an eye on this one to determine how long you need to heat it up. After all, the level of crunchiness depends on the type of pizza and personal taste. But after you’ve done it once, you’ll know exactly how long to do it for.

I would never have thought that a pan/stove is the best way to heat up pizza. But it works and it works well. That’s carefree reheating for you.


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