How to Tenderize Your Meat With a Kiwi Fruit

17 Nov
B y TimothySexton, eHow Member 
The kiwi is a marvelous fruit. And it contains an enzyme called actinidin that makes it the perfect fruit for marinading tough cuts of steak and other meats.


  •  1. Grab your steak knife and cut the kiwi in half. Then do nothing more elaborate than rub the meat all over with the fruit side down.
  • 2. Wait at least a half hour and no more than an hour and then cook the meat as you normally would.
  • 3. When you finally sit down to eat your steak or other meat that you’ve tenderized, you’ll find that the enzyme properties in the kiwi have served to create the juiciest and tenderest meat you’ve ever eaten. Even normally tough cuts of meat like flank steak will slice cleanly and chew smoothly.

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