How to taste olive oil

11 Nov
by Linda Stradley
 (1) Pour a little olive oil (approximately 1 tablespoon) in a small glass. Cover the glass with one hand, shake it delicately with the other until the oil adheres to the entire inside surface. Warm oil in the glass with your hands until it is close to body temperature.

(2) Lift the glass to your nose and sniff rapidly and deeply three time (raising your nose up and away from the oil between each sniff). Olive oils have aromas just like wine. We then tried to analyze the aroma. There really is a difference in aromas!

(3) Tasting: Take a sip (approx. 10 drops into mouth). DON’T SWALLOW! Roll the olive oil around in your mouth for approximately 6 seconds and then spit it out (novices have to remember not to spit out the oil too quickly). The oil should touch all areas of the mouth so that the various tastes and sensations can be noted. Then it is spit out.

(4) Between tasting each kind of olive oil, drink lots of water and eat a small piece of bread to cleanse your palate. No wine – just water.

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